TEC3D is an innovative iPad application that we developed in-house, which is capable of performing an incredibly accurate orthosis scan. The application is used in combination with a structure sensor and ensures the orthosis is identical to the scan. Producing an orthosis is a very intensive and precise process, and an incomplete scan causes unnecessary frustration. At Supportec, we use a new technology that puts these frustrations to rest for good.

A user-friendly user interface with our TEC3D application.

The application that our software engineers developed features highly efficient and effective tools. Thanks to the operator-friendly user interface, you can digitally indicate the contour lines of the orthosis during the scan. The application can be used offline and scans are always initially saved locally. The application is equipped with various tools, giving the user many more options. The following useful tools are featured on the application:

  • Battery life indicator
  • Measurements display
  • Option to create a surface
  • Different dimensions for scanning
  • Dynamic distance measurement for larger objects, such as a lying support orthoses

*The application can only be used in combination with an iPad and a structure sensor.

We’re here to help!

Every person is different, so no two orthoses are the same. Thanks to our new technology, we have the capability to customize an orthosis for every person who needs it. Would you like to know more about the various options that an orthosis scan offers, or could you use our help? You can reach us on telephone number +31 (0)13 207 39 89 or via our e-mail address info@supportec.nl.