Orthopaedic Companies

Orthopaedic Companies

We are always available to assist orthopaedic consultants and orthopaedic companies in their orthoses requirements. Supportec, located in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands, is a leader in the production of various tailor-made orthoses. Orthoses are mainly used by children and adults who suffer from multiple disabilities. Like you, we believe it is important to provide the correct sitting, back and lying support for people with a physical or mental disability. Many orthopaedic companies and orthopaedic consultants use our products.

Our aim is to make your work as orthopaedic consultant as easy as possible.

Using the latest technology, we can create made-to measure orthoses. We do this in combination with our expertise, which enables us to always deliver outstanding craftsmanship and make your work as orthopaedic consultant as easy as possible. One of the technologies we use is our in-house developed TEC3D app for iPad. With the app, every orthopaedic consultant can indicate the desired contour lines digitally according to simple guidelines. The information provided then give us exactly what we need to make the most accurate scans and realise the most complex moulds. To guarantee the quality of the orthosis, we also use high-quality upholstery techniques. One example is our WaterProof Stitching method, a technique that ensures a watertight bonding between different patterns. We can therefore guarantee better hygiene and a longer service life of the orthosis. By combining the latest technology and our expertise, we are able to create our products, such as sitting support orthoses, for a wide range of companies and completely according to your wishes.

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Whether you’re an independent orthopaedic consultant or you work for one of the many orthopaedic companies, we always deliver products of the best quality. You can think of various postural support for back, sitting and lying down, such as a back support orthosis. We’re always happy to give you expert advice, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Orthopaedic companies and independent orthopaedic consultants can reach us by telephone on +31 (0)13 207 39 89. Don’t have an opportunity to give us a call? You can also send an e-mail to info_supportec@permobil.com. and we will get back to you as soon as possible.