Our developers at Supportec have designed a helpful configurator and order form for you, called SOFA. SOFA is a logistics software that allows you to configure an orthosis and place your order for an orthosis digitally, including any specifications and requirements.

The steps of SOFA are simple to follow.

By going through all the steps and adding the digital document, the form is complete. The form is designed in such a way that it is clear what the sitting, back or lying support will look like. It is extremely user-friendly and there is no threshold to hold you back from configuring an orthosis. Our configurator and order form are combined, making us the first in our industry worldwide to make ordering and configuring an orthosis so easy.

The software is easily accessible and can be used anywhere.

Our logistics software (SOFA) is available to any company that operates on the orthotics market and forms the heart of our business. For example, our software can be accessed on any device with a browser, allowing you to work the software and enter orders anywhere in the world.

“Our customers are key and, wherever we can, we take away their burden in the broadest sense of the word.”
The benefits of our software

In addition to you having control of configuring an orthosis, our software provides several other advantages:

  • It works faultlessly on any device with a browser
  • No hassle with updates, always 100% up-to-date
  • Data is always securely stored
Please contact us if you are interested or would like more information.

Get started with our logistics programme and discover why companies like Orthototaal and the Caporali Group choose to work with us. By working online using your own account, all your staff need to do is follow the simple steps to configure a complete orthosis. Our employees will be happy to tell you more about the software. You can reach us by phone on +31 (0)13 207 39 89 or get in touch by e-mail at


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