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Supportec in Oisterwijk is a manufacturer that produces a range of orthoses, such as a lying support orthosis, using modern technology. A lying support orthosis is often used as body and posture support for people with muscular diseases or who have a mental disability. It is also a frequently used aid in caring for the elderly. Are you, as a company, interested in a lying support orthosis or another tailor-made orthosis? Our expertise and experience are sure to help!

A lying support orthosis that is made using the latest technology.

Making an orthosis to support the lying posture is always a bespoke process. After all, only a precise fit can offer the best support. To ensure the best results, you first need to examine what the desired support is based on your patient’s body. Using a vacuum pump, you can make an accurate impression of your patient’s body. You then pump air into two soft cushions, which leaves an exact impression. To ensure the impression stays in the cushion, you remove all the air. We then use this information to create a customised orthosis using computer-controlled robots. By combining these patented production processes with our specialist craftsmanship, we are able to create the perfect orthosis for your patient.

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Does your patient need a lying support or other orthosis, such as a back support orthosis, and would you like Supportec from Oisterwijk to make this for you to guarantee outstanding quality? Then don’t hesitate to call us on +31 (0)13 207 39 89 or send us an e-mail at You can also contact us if you have a specific question or if you would like more information about our other products. We will be happy to assist you!