Nationaal Keurmerk Hulpmiddelen

Buying a mobility aid for the first time can be a very emotional event in your life. You want to be sure that the equipment meets your needs, expectations and safety requirements, and that you are adequately informed about how to use or obtain a good-quality medical aid. Therefore, when choosing your mobility aid, please always ask first whether the supplier is accredited with the National Quality Mark for Assistive Technology (Nationaal Keurmerk Hulpmiddelen or NKH). Only then are you assured of getting the best quality.

The Quality Mark

The National Quality Mark for Assistive Technology (Nationaal Keurmerk Hulpmiddelen or NKH) helps you choose the best quality medical device. But not only that: you can also be sure that the company where you buy the device meets all strict quality requirements. Businesses that carry the NKH quality mark are guaranteed to provide expertise, reliable service and transparency. More and more organisations within this sector have the NKH quality mark; in total they serve 80% of the market in the Netherlands.

7 Assurances from the NKH

There are a number of matters that the orthopaedics industry believe to be very important and has compiled a list of them, known as the 7 Assurances. To be able to guarantee these Assurances, it has drawn up an extensive list of accreditation criteria.

The 7 Assurances of the National Quality Mark for Assistive Technology (NKH)

  1. You are given expert advice from professionals who have received comprehensive training in consultancy, manufacture and adaptation of aids;
  2. You are given objective information about the possibilities of obtaining a mobility aid;
  3. You are provided with a safe device that demonstrably meets the relevant European safety requirements;
  4. You receive thorough and clear information on the best and safest use of the mobility aid in your specific situation;
  5. You are given the guarantee of aftercare and service in the unlikely event that something is wrong with the aid;
  6. You can rely on the assurance of a good complaints procedure;
  7. You can rest assured that an accredited company pays attention to Corporate Social Responsibility..

    Download the brochure ‘Nationaal Keurmerk Hulpmiddelen – de 7 zekerheden’.